Proportional Caliper Apparatus (AG-037)

ASTM D4791

  • Used to determine the percentages of flat particles, elongated particles, or flat and elongated particles in coarse aggregates.

– According to ASTM, both Method A
and Method B can be performed
using AG-037, while:
 –Method A , is a reflection of the original procedure as developed prior to Superpave and is intended for all non-
Superpave applications.
-Method B, is a comparison of the maximum particle dimension to the minimum particle dimension and is intended for
use with Superpave specifications.


ชุดทดสอบหาความหนาแน่นของดินในสนาม Field Density (T-061)

เทปเหล็กเคลือบไนล่อน 50ม. (KMB50K)

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